Mobile RV Services - GTO Marine Brick, NJ

GTO Marine also works on RV’s & Trailers!

Installations: TV’s, Rear View Cameras, Stereos, Lighting, Appliance Replacements, Fixture Replacements, Weight Distribution Brackets, Sway Cams and Brackets, Accessories & more.
Misc Services: Winterizing & De-Winterizing, Window and Door Frame Re-Seals, Caulking, Tire Mounting & Balancing.
Enclosed Cargo Trailers: Lighting, Tire Mounting & Balancing, Floor/Deck Sealing, Shelf & Bracket Installation, RearView Cameras, Vinyl Lettering

* We do not perform any structural,  roofing, or holding tank repairs.


RV Tankless Water heater Upgrade.

Imagine having an endless supply of hot water in your RV! No more turning the water off while you lather up. These units are LP fed, 12v activated and are some what inexpensive. Remote control head allows you turn unit on and set water temperature.  Definitely an investment to look into.

This particular unit was installed on a Class A Motorhome that holds 100lbs of propane.

Cons: You will most likely have to empty your grey tank more often and you may burn through more propane.

RV Winterization & De-Winterization.
Many of us unfortunate people who live in the northeast must perform this annual ritual or face expensive repair bills.

GTO Marine winterizes all kinds of RV’s from popups to Class A Motorhomes.  We also de-winterize and re-claim the antifreeze to help protect the environment.


RV & Cargo trailer Rear-View Cam.

A great investment for your rig. A true life-saver when trying to see if you have clearance to change lanes or turn – and there’s always that 1 person who tries to sneak in along your side while turning wide.

Tire Services for trailers.
Boat trailers, cargo & utility trailers, popup campers, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Tire mounting and balancing for you rig!  Pickup and delivery services available.


** Unfortunately, we are not equipped to change motorhome tires at this time.