Marine Maintenance in Bick, NJ | GTO Marine

Performing marine maintenance on your vessel is a necessary task to ensure worry free operation throughout the season. Lack of maintenance could void your manufacturers warranties, or result in an expensive towing bill.  GTO Marine offers basic maintenance services to keep your vessel in ship-shape!  We also perform basic maintenance on RV’s too!

Filter Replacement

Fuel filters, fuel/water separators, and oil filters. Filters should be changed every season or per manufacturers specifications.

Spark Plugs & Wires

Basic Tune-up includes plugs and wires. They can make all the difference in the world. 2 Stroke plugs should be changed every year and a spares kept on the boat at all times.

Zinc Anodes

Over time, salt water will eat away your out-drives, shafts, or rudders from the dissimilar metals. Sacrificial anodes will keep the effects of electrolysis of the expensive stuff.

Marine Battery Service

GTO Marine can test your batteries thoroughly and can tell you exactly how much life is left & when replacement will be necessary. Don't get stranded, call us today!

Marine Power Washing

GTO Marine can power-wash the bottom or topside of your vessel at your location, at any time. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Barrier Coating

If your boat is in the water year round, the gelcoat can be penetrated and blisters may appear. Bottom paint doesn't always solve this issue. Barrier coat is an epoxy based product that goes on before the bottom is painted, adding an additional layer of protection.

Boat CheckS

A lot of our customers rely on us to check on their boats when the weather turns sour. High winds & tides can badly damage a boat if not properly secured and depending on the slip/dock, adjustments may be required. A lot of boaters do not live in the immediate area and are unable to check in periodically.
GTO Marine is available 24/7 to check on your baby!

This photo to the left was taken October 30, 2021 - there were extreme high tides the entire weekend. There are finger docks on both sides of this slip and they were submerged every bit of 1ft. There's also a bulkhead very close to that transom.

Several boats in the area were lost that weekend because nobody was around to check them.

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