Marine Renewable Energy in Brick, NJ | GTO Marine

GTO Marine designs and installs custom renewable energy solutions for Marine and RV applications. Have A/C power wherever you go, all the time.
Great for sailing full time, extended offshore fishing trips, and RV boon-docking.

Solar Panels

One thing we all know for certain is - The sun WILL come out tomorrow. Solar panels come in all styles these days, including flat, pliable panels which makes them perfect in a marine application.

Marine Wind Power

Perfect for sailing vessels! These small wind turbines can produce 400+ watts of current to keep your battery bank charged, even at night!

Power Inverters

This is the key component to any renewable energy system. Inverters usually come in 12v, 24v, 48v versions and can produce thousands of watts to keep things running. Your battery bank is another key item in the system.

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers play an important role in an off-grid system. The can be used with many types of batteries such as lead acid, sealed lead acid, and AGM. When your batteries are fully charged, a programmable charge controller can either enter a PWM state, or can divert the load to a DC powered water heating element - nothing is wasted!