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GTO Marine is now booking winter projects!
Now is the perfect time to do that re-wiring job you have been putting off, Install those electronics that Santa brings, and get everything else ready because March 2022 will be here before you know it! Nobody wants to be dry-docked during the season, so why not knock it out over the winter?

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Wire Corrosion & Faulty Components

Over time, wiring will become corroded from the salt and moisture. If wires become corroded, it basically becomes a big resistor and resistance means heat buildup. Electrical systems do not like heat – It is the number one cause of electrical shorts and fires. Other components such as switches and circuit breakers can also become corroded. These corroded components will have the same effect as wires.


This Mercury outboard literally caught fire due to a faulty ignition switch. The internal contacts of the switch were corroded and caused the starter motor to not disengage. The end result was a major electrical failure and fire. GTO Marine rewired about 90% of this motor and brought it back from the dead (and installed a new ignition switch).


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Warning signs

Have something on the fritz that doesn’t make sense? Is your GPS is reporting a low battery but your batteries read 12.8v or above? Blowing breakers or fuses for no reason? Bilge Pumps only working when they want to? Gauges going crazy or not registering at all?
Don’t always assume its only a bad ground!  GTO Marine can help!

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